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Why choose us?

There are many factors which contribute to the need for a Daily Money Manager (DMM).  We work with senior citizens, people whose careers make it difficult for them to find time for their own paperwork, and with people whose medical issues simply make it difficult to keep up with their finances and paperwork.  Other clients are so busy in retirement with travel and social activities that they simply prefer to let a trusted professional handle things for them.  It is not uncommon for an adult child of an older person to seek our assistance if the child does not have the time or ability to maintain their parents affairs.

Assists in identifying, locating, organizing and safely filing your family’s most important documents.

Feeling overwhelmed? Don’t know what to throw away? Are you making piles to put off making decisions? Need a one-time clearing or regular maintenance?

If you are an inexperienced and unprepared Executor, get help prioritizing what needs to be done to ensure the estate is settled as efficiently as possible.

When you become Medicare eligible at age 65, there are numerous decisions that must be made. Get help reviewing your options and ensuring your decisions are both cost effective and meet your needs.