Services | Critical Family Documents

This service assists you in identifying, locating, organizing and safely filing your family’s most important documents. These documents are loosely divided into the following categories: Identification/ Personal, Banking, Investments, Credit Records, Real Property, Insurance, Sources of Compensation, Legal, Computer-Related, and End-of-Life Guidance.

Most people generally know where most of their documents are located. However, over the years, they find these documents have been distributed all over the house and to off-site locations such as safety deposit boxes or a lawyer’s/CPA’s office. Also, many of the documents are not protected from fire, water damage and/or theft.

The intent is not to replace all of your everyday working or historical files; only to collect in one safe place those approximately 85 pre-defined documents/ accounts a family member may need to refer to on short notice or for estate planning or settlement purposes. In many cases, all that is needed is to extract and summarize pertinent data from the original document and simply note where the original is located.

The end product is a compact file system, in either a portable file box or the recommended fire/waterproof file safe, customized to meet your specific document storage needs. Hanging files with main headings are sub divided into individual pocket files which contain the original document, a summary and/or a locator sheet. Related on-site copying, notarizing, and other miscellaneous administrative functions are provided at no extra charge.