Services | Paper Management

Do you dread going to the mailbox knowing that there will just be another pile of junk mail and catalogs that you don’t have time to deal with? Do you just put them on the kitchen table with all the other piles and say to yourself you will get to it later? When you do start going through the piles, have you ever found bills that haven’t been paid or correspondence that you needed to respond to last week? When was the last time you actually filed papers you need to keep. Do you find yourself paying bills over the phone at the last minute to avoid late charges?

Paperwork can become overwhelming for many reasons. What Household Document Organization can do for you in a relatively short time is to:

   (1) Go through your existing piles of paperwork and sort it into three categories: paper that needs to be filed, paper that needs action taken, and paper that can be immediately disposed of.

   (2) The next step is to properly dispose of things like catalogs, junk mail, and other papers that you no longer need. Items with personal information associated with account numbers such as utility bills or old bank statements must be shredded while general junk mail can be put in the trash.

   (3) The next group to tackle is the action items. Each item is reviewed, a decision is made as to resolution and the action is taken. This could be a bill paid, item ordered, policy reviewed etc.

   (4) Finally, those documents that need to be retained will be filed. An additional service can be to purge files of paperwork that is no longer needed.